QOEN Coaching, your confidant and partner for life and career coaching for both teams and individuals.

QOEN coaching works with certified consultants to conduct personality and team assessments, so that we can provide insights and professional individual life coaching, 'on the job' coaching, and career coaching. Clients are supported to work towards becoming their best self and to use their best potential. QOEN also supports clients with conflict management and conflict resolution.

QOEN coaching is working with clients from various countries, from all walks of life, colors, shapes, orientations. This is reflected through the various colors and shapes in our logo. The colors in our logo express the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which are global goals towards achieving a better, more sustainable world. In this world all people are included, (for example in decision making), participate on an equal basis and are able to contribute to a happier, peaceful, fair, just, and sustainable future for all. 

At the personal or team level this means that through supporting each and every client, QOEN aspires to make a difference and contribute to a better world in which people are happier and more self-fulfilled. Our clients will be more INSPIRED, and will actively resolve challenges. They will inspire others to contribute to a better world around them, in their families, communities, and the world as a whole, one person at a time. QOEN Coaching provides clients with insights through personality assessments, knowledge exchange, tools and methods so that we can jointly tackle and address your challenges, and provide coaching and feed back. 

We provide coaching support both through online platforms, moderated courses and seminars, face-to-face group coaching, and individual face-to-face coaching.

We work towards YOU becoming INSPIRED FOR LIFE and help you reach your PERSONAL OR TEAM GOALS.


QOEN Coaching supports you with personal empowerment. We assist you in addressing emotional and mental blocks so that you can make positive changes in your life at many different levels.

Do you need personal support? QOEN!

On the job & career coaching

Choosing a job or an occupation that really matches your personality, or increasing your satisfaction with your present career can be challenging. Changing a career can be a major life transition.

Lost or encountering difficulties in your career? QOEN! 


QOEN Coaching can help managers, team leaders and their team members to understand and strengthen the team dynamics, though proven assessment instruments and team coaching.

Do you need a stronger and more inspired team? QOEN!


Conflicts are a fact of life in a team. They are no one’s fault. Using conflict assessment models, team analysis and practice with their challenges help team members to resolve conflicts. 

Need to resolve team conflicts? QOEN!

About QOEN Coaching

QOEN Coaching & Consulting is a company INSPIRED by the desire to contribute to a better world. What is that actually? a better world? QOEN defines a better world by looking at the Sustainable Development Goals, which has become an all inspiring, globally accepted vision towards a world in which social, economic and environmental progress is being planned and implemented in such a way that all people are included, can participate and are able to live their lives to their fullest potential, for future generations to come.

QOEN delivers services that supports clients to overcome challenges at the personal, team, organizational and inter-organizational levels, enabling them to start making more effective contributions to their immediate personal and professional environments. 

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Make your life great: QOEN INSPIRED FOR LIFE webinar & bootcamp

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