About QOEN

QOEN supports clients to overcome challenges at the personal, team, organizational and inter-organizational levels, enabling them to start making more effective contributions to their immediate personal and professional environments. 

At the individual level, we support clients with personalized coaching support. Jointly with our clients we develop a tailor-made approach to the individual challenges, and set benchmarks and progress markers to measure and celebrate the results. 

At the team level, QOEN supports clients by assessing and strengthening team dynamics or by analyzing and resolving underlying conflicts. We use a variety of well proven tools and approaches, such as MBTI, Killman, NLP, that help our clients to understand what is really going on, and can then plan ahead and find ways to resolve the problems.

At the organizational level, QOEN supports clients with management and leadership coaching, strategy development and planning and alignment of the organization with its mandate, vision and mission. 

At the inter-organizational levels, QOEN supports clients with planning for policy changes, advocacy campaigns and social change. As part of this endeavour QOEN can provide support to manage partnerships, networks, alliances or alike, both from an organizational perspective (structures, processes) as well as management of the inter-organizational dynamics. 

Vision and values

QOEN Coaching & Consulting is a company INSPIRED by the desire to contribute to a better world.

What is that actually? a better world? QOEN defines a better world by looking at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). These Global Goals have become an all inspiring, globally accepted vision towards a more peaceful, just, inclusive and equal world. In this world social, economic and environmental progress is being planned and implemented in such a way that all people are included, can participate and are able to live their lives to their fullest potential, for future generations to come.

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