Afraid of going to the doctor?

QOEN supported a client, name Judy, who was afraid of going to the doctor. Fears that things may not be ok with her, were making her heart race, and her mind go wild, and in the end she would panic. A real phobia which has been building up for the past 30+ years. As a result she was frequently not going to a doctor, even when she was not feeling well. QOEN helped Judy with a hypno-therapeutic session. During the hypnosis Judy started telling the ¬†stories from her past. As a child cut herself on a metal screw, and when her mum told her that she had to get to the hospital, she got so frightened that she locked herself in the bathroom. She saw her father having an epileptic attack, and an aunt being brought to a psychiatric institution. And there were more such scenes which frightened Judy. The good thing was that she now fully came to understand that all these scenes from the past still made her scared of doctors visits and hospitals now. And what a waste of time all those years… I worked with Judy to reframe her beliefs that hospitals are not scary, but exist to help people who need medical care. I also gave Judy a transformational recording, which she was playing for at least 21 days to change her beliefs and thoughts about hospitals. Judy has now been able to make 2 hospital visits for her self. Regular check-up. and guess what… NOTHING WRONG.