What our clients think of us

We are excited with the positive reviews clients gave us after their coaching program.


When I started looking at the specific events in my life, that trigger emotional response, being captured by these events continued to make me like a ‘slave’ to that event. However, when I started to distance myself from these events, through your coaching exercises, its hold on me diminished, and helped me process the event to be just a part of the past, and now it is a memory that no longer controls me.


On your question what did I say as a Coach that impacted you most?: ‘Our past does not own us.” This one phrase you said somehow stripped away the guilt, regrets and other unnecessary baggage’s from the past.


I want to in a special way express my gratitude for your help through the life coaching sessions. Through them, I am now able to be calm and confident and most importantly positive in front of the very many situations I face in my everyday life. Previously , I would have all these negative thoughts going through my mind….do this , do that ... acted very emotional when I felt despised by others, but now I take deep breaths in and out –breathing in who I want to be ,breathing in the positivity and breathing out the negativity … this makes me calm and confident.


you were ever so carefully with learning to understand me, and leaving me without the feeling of being judged. I felt the sincerity of connecting to me and reaching out to where I am. All this time, I never had the chance to explain any of my issues to anyone, but I felt the ease and comfort the whole time.


Thank you for that wonderful time. It was like a gift to me and I will be able to keep the experience with me for long. I wish you all success to your mission of helping people be liberated by the unseen more often ignored issues of life but that are too real to the point of altering ones future. This I see as a very noble life mission that also grants the desires of your heart. You have the innate gift to connect and your sincerity exudes your person.


An impression that has stayed with me is when we discussed the part where I had financial problems because of the events in my life, you highlighted how I still managed to learn through trial and error. That created a domino effect for me into all other areas in my life. It liberated me to know that there was progress regardless in my life. I was just not paying attention to it.


It is your ability to point out specific areas and it somehow strategically creates connection to all other areas that needed prodding.