the 7 Step INSPIRED For Life Method

QOEN Pte. Ltd. is using a specifically designed coaching method called the 7-Step INSPIRED FOR LIFE method. This is a step-by-step method to assess, analyze, plan, measure, practice, reality-check and evaluate behavioral and team challenges. 

I - Identification.

In this phase, the client and the coach will seek to develop rapport and engage in personal or team assessments to establish the starting point.

N - Nuance.

The coach and client will dive deeper into the challenge at hand by deconstructing the problem and break it down into feasible goals and achievements.

S - Success.

During this phase, the client will further assess the key aspects for success, by looking at ownership, and potential consequences of achieving his goals for his/her immediate environment.

P - Pathways.

The Coach and Client will develop key progress markers to determine what the client expects to see, likes to see, and loves to see as a result of achieving the key achievement.

I - Intervention.

Now the time has come to practice, reflect and learn different exercises and behaviors under the guidance of a coach.

R - Reality check.

The client will apply the newly acquired skills and learnings in his/her personal / work environment and reflect, learn and celebrate successes.

E - Evaluate.

The coach and client will review the entire process, answer any remaining questions, and determine next steps.


The QOEN 7 Step INSPIRED FOR LIFE Method will use additional tools and approaches that are considered useful, adequate and appropriate for the coaching trajectory.

QOEN coaches are certified in:

  • administering Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessments
  • administering Thomas Kilmann conflict assessments
  • administering Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools and techniques.
  • administering Rapid-Transformational Therapy tools and techniques, including hypno-therapy.


QOEN Coaching is a certified practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) as developed and taught by Marisa Peer. If you are in physical or emotional pain, you want rapid results. RTT™ aims to deliver permanent change in one to three sessions.

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QOEN Coaching is certified to administer Myers-Briggs Type lndicator (MBTI) assessments. The MBTI assessment is a self- report questionnaire designed to make Carl Jung's theory of personality types understandable and usefuI in everyday life.

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QOEN Consulting offers support as certified master practitioner using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques (NLP). This support is useful for individual who are experiencing challenges in their life and work environments, thereby not maximizing their potential.

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