The Myers-Briggs Type lndicator (MBTI) assessment is a self- report questionnaire designed to make Carl Jung's theory of personality types understandable and usefuI in everyday life.

MBTI results identify a team member’s preferred behavior styles, which enhances a better understanding of themselves, their motivations, their naturaI strengths, and their potentiaI areas for growth. Based on these results, the coach will be able to set clear goals for performance improvement with the participant, and provide continued support to achieve these goals.

QOEN Coaching is certified to administer and provide coaching with the MBTI assessments. The MBTI results will help team members to appreciate people who are different from them. As such, and in addition to individual coaching, QOEN Coaching is able to deliver group sessions, during which the different types of behavior are explained, facilitated, and practiced. These coaching sessions are very practical, fun, and lead to transformative insights which helps team members to collaborate in a more effective and efficient manner. Understanding and practicing with your Myers- Briggs type is self-affirming and encourages cooperation with others, and explains valuable differences between normal, healthy people. We all know that these differences can be the source of so much misunderstanding and miscommunication

As a result of the coaching sessions with QOEN Coaching, participants will be empowered to indicate what type of work comes most naturally to them. Coaching sessions will support aligning work activities to achieve team challenges with the various personality types in the team. This has proven to be very useful to generate efficiencies for the entire team and maximizes chances for success. Similarly, if the organizational objectives require a staff member to step out of his/her comfort zone, these particular challenges can be addressed through personal coaching, using mindset development techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming  or through Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicators can help individuals with strengthening their abilities in the areas of decision making, learning, innovation, communications, project management, spirituality, sales, leadership, and career development.