coaching for individuals

QOEN Coaching works with you to answer any of the questions you may have in your search for a better, more inspired and energetic future. We help you with conducting personality assessments, or team-role assessments, and provide support to:

1.Help you understand what motivates you
2.Learn how your personal and professional life interact
3.Help you overcome what is holding you back
4.Learn techniques to gain control over your actions
5.Practice these techniques, learn and become INSPIRED to become the BEST YOU, for LIFE.
Coaching is not psychological therapy. Coaching is not psychiatry. Coaching is simply a fun, yet intensive focus and highly personal practice geared towards achieving self-determined personal or professional goals, jointly with a trusted coach. The coach provides advice and guidance enabling you to figure out the exact roots of the challenges you encounter, and seeks creative solutions, exercises and practices that will support you towards achieving your goals. 

Life coaching

Life coaching helps you to find more happiness, balance and joy in your life. QOEN Coaching can supports you with personal and professional empowerment by addressing anything that is holding you back from being your best self.

We assist you in making positive changes in your life at many different levels.


On the job and career coaching

Choosing a job or an occupation, or increasing your satisfaction with your present career or changing a career can be a major life transition. Your work-life will have major impact on your personal life, and vice-versa. Perhaps you are looking for stronger work-life balance. These are important areas in one’s life that require careful thought, planning and work.