Make your life great: QOEN INSPIRED FOR LIFE webinar & bootcamp

On 20 May 2021, QOEN Coaching will host a webinar with the title:

QOEN INSPIRED FOR LIFE, a 7 step approach to an amazing life and a promising career.

During this webinar you will find out more about how you can MAKE YOUR LIFE GREAT by understanding more about your personality, your strengths and your challenges, and what you can do to reach an amazing personal life and a great career.

During the bootcamp you will be able to discover your MBTI profile and your preferred ways of doing things. You will find out when you flourish, when you do not, and how you can use this knowledge to direct your life into a more successful future. You will pick your personal challenge(s) and determine what exactly you ned to do different. You will visualise your better future, and determine ways to get there. Finally, you will receive coaching with some exercises based on the methods and tools used for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which are highly effective to help you create new habits and positively work towards your goals and reach your true potential.

Please contact QOEN Coaching if you are interested to participate.