Strong team performance depends on a number of key aspects:

  1. Are the team goals and expectation clearly outlined in measurable terms?
  2. Are the team members motivated by incentives?
  3. Are the team members using clear and transparent work structures, templates and approaches?
  4. Are the team members making efficient use of their time and reduce inefficiencies?
  5. Is there a sufficient level of trust and agility among the team members to support each other?
  6. Are the different capacities, and personality styles of the team members aligned with the job and responsibilities at hand?
  7. Are the team members celebrating their small and big wins?

Team coaching is a complex endeavor. QOEN Coaching can provide support with building clarity of expectations, motivation, structures, time management, trust, and alignment between the organizational objectives and individual team member personality profiles. 

Team Coaching support can be very useful if you need to resolve conflicts in a team, An independent coach does not bear the supervisory or hierarchical responsibility between a team leader and a team member. QOEN coaching uses the Kilmann conflict resolution model to identify the different conflict styles that are at play in a team. The Kilmann assessment identifies the different styles of conflict management as they are applied by the team members. Deeper analysis of these differences in style will explain the underlying dynamics among the team members. Through tailored exercises, team members will practice and evaluate alternative conflict management styles, and seek ways to incorporate these into their day-to-day work activities. 

Team assessments

QOEN Coaching supports teams and organizations to make the most of their talent, improve teamwork, and provides support to align teams, their skills and personality types with the organizational needs. QOEN Coaching is certified to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessments, which help organizations to recognize employees unique contributions, and leverage on individuals’ natural strengths.


Conflict Management

QOEN Coaching supports teams to strengthen team performance through focusing on conflict management. Teams are made up of members who differ in personal characteristics and experience. To be effective as a team, team members must reach agreements on the goals, make good decisions on how to achieve these goals, and help each other accomplish their responsibilities, regardless of their differences.