QOEN Coaching supports teams to strengthen team performance through focusing on conflict management.

Teams are made up of members who differ in personal characteristics and experience. To be effective as a team, team members must reach agreements on the goals, make good decisions on how to achieve these goals, and help each other accomplish their responsibilities, regardless of their differences. Being able to reconcile differences and to handle conflicts in a constructive manner, is a key determining factor of team effectiveness.

QOEN Coaching uses the Thomas - Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), which is designed to help you and your team members understand the individual team member styles of conflict. QOEN Coaching can help you increase your individual effectiveness as team member. Based on the styles of the team members, QOEN Coaching can help identify your team’s style for dealing with conflict and suggest solutions to help the team function more effectively as a group.

Conflicts are a fact of life in a team. They are no one’s fault. Conflict occurs when the concerns of different team members appear to be incompatible. When 2 or more individuals are part of a team, they have become interdependent towards achieving the results of that team. The more differences exist between team members (in responsibilities, values, temperament, sources of information, or experience) the more diverse the concerns of the individual team members are, and the more chances for conflict. Team conflicts are not necessarily a bad thing. It really depends on whether or not the team is able to grasp the potential of a conflict to produce a positive outcome.

QOEN Coaching can help! By assessing and recognizing the team members’ conflict styles, we support the team by focusing on a specific outcome challenge, assess the facts about this challenge, determine the goals to be met by the team, and generate an action plan for members to follow. QOEN Coaching will support the conflict management trajectory from start to finish!