QOEN Coaching supports teams and organizations to make the most of their talent, and improve teamwork.

QOEN Coaching is certified to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessments, which help organizations to recognize employees unique contributions, and leverage on individuals’ natural strengths.

When applied for a group of staff members, the MBTI assessment helps people in teams and organizations to understand themselves and their behaviors. It helps them to appreciate others and make constructive use of individual differences. QOEN Coaching helps approach team problems in different, yet healthy ways, and thus be more productive. We support teams to increase communication effectiveness, and develop employees’ skills in creativity, time management, stress management, and other areas for strengthening performance.

The MBTI assessment can support your organization by figuring out who are the “Thoughtful Realists”, the “Thoughtful Innovators”, the Action-Oriented Realists”, or the “Action-Oriented Innovators”. All these 4 perspectives are needed and are valuable to an organization. The MBTI assessment can bring clarity to team communications, decision making and organizational culture. MBTI can help bring clarity and solutions to an organization how leadership styles dynamics are playing out in an organization.

QOEN Coaching can help managers and team leaders and their team members to understand the team or organizational dynamics more in-depth, though proven assessment instruments. We will support you all the way from the team assessment to the formulation and implementation of solutions. We can help you formulate progress markers and benchmarks for performance.